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poor old fellow

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This old fellow's son put him in an old age home and he didn't like it one bit, until he woke up on his first morning there with a rare erection. A fine looking nurse happened to come in the room and notice his woody and made love to him right on the spot. After, the old fellow phoned his son and explained what happened, and said he would be quite happy living there. Later on in the day the old fellow was walking down the hall, when he slipped and fell. A big fat sweaty male nurse happened along, and instead of helping him up, raped the poor old fellow, right on the spot. After, the old fellow phoned his son again, explained what happened and said, get me the hell out of here. His son said, "Now you know pop that you have to learn to take the good with the bad." The old fellow replied, "Yes, but I only get a woody about twice a year, I fall down two or three times a day!"


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