The Deer Hunter

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A deer hunter was hunting in West Virginia one sunny afternoon, and after getting a kill, proceeded to drag the deer back to his vehicle. On his way, he was stopped by a redneck game warden. "Boy, I see you got you one of them deer today! But, I'm afraid I have to check your license and make sure you're on the up-and-up." So the man produces a valid license and upon its return, proceeds towards his vehicle.

"Hold up, boy," says the warden, "I still gotta check that deer there." Puzzled and confused, the hunter stops. The warden then steps up to the deer, shoves his finger up the deer's ass, takes it out and sniffs it. "Boy, I hate to tell you this, but this deer is from Virginia and your license is from West you have a Virginia license?" As luck would have it, the hunter had one from the week before and showed it to the warden.

The next week, the same hunter got another kill and was headed back to his vehicle. The same redneck warden stops him and asks for a license. Once again, the hunter produces the license and was once again told that the warden needed to check the deer. The warden shoves his finger up the deer's ass, takes it out and sniffs it. "Boy, this here buck is from you have a license from Georgia?" As luck would have it, he did have one in his glove box and showed it to the warden.

The next week, the same thing happened with deer and licenses being from Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama. Finally, after the Alabama deer, the warden asks the hunter..."Son, you got licenses from practically every state in the south...where are you from anyway?" With that, the hunter drops his pants, bends over and says..."Why don't you tell me?"


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