MS Word Pinball

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Version 6.0: Open a blank document, and type T3!. Select all three characters and press the Bold button on the toolbar. Next, go to the Format menu, select AutoFormat, and press OK. When prompted, click the Accept button to accept the formatting changes. Finally, select About from the Help menu. Click on Microsoft Word icon in upper-left corner.

Version 7.0: Open a blank document and type the word Blue. Select the word, then go to the Format menu and choose Font. Select Bold, and change the word's color to Blue. Press OK, then put a space after the word Blue. Go to the Help menu, choose About, then click on the Word logo in the upper-left corner. This will take you to the Word Pinball game that appears with the names of the developers. The Z and M keys control the flippers, and ESC returns you to Word!


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