A Typical Scene in RhyDin

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Her: A wee bonnie lass enters the inn, hips swaying seductively in a clear cry to be adored for the goddess she is, firm young body jiggling in all the right places, the wafted scent of a undenyable pheromone filling the air with intoxicating lusts.

Him: The dashing and handsome bard looks at the door falling madly in love with the most beautiful woman he has seen in the last five minutes.

Her: She casts her mood ring eyes about, at the moment displaying a pulsating, intense violet.

Him: He stands and bounds across the room, muscles rippling beneath the rich doublet laying open to showcase a partial view of rock hard pecks chiseled in aesthetically pleasing tanned skin.

Her: She shakes out her sunset red hair in an enthralling vision of hair doing hair things, totally unaware that her peasant blouse has fallen to her elbow laying one luscious curve of a genetically perfect breast in partial view.

Him: The bard stands before the mystery woman who will bear his children in two days gaping at the bared flesh like he has never seen one before in all his life, his pants suddenly three sizes too small.

Her: She looks at him expectantly, sure he will spew an ode to her obvious beauty and chaste virtues as is only fitting in such a situation.

Him: Thee art the most beautiful femme ah hath ever looked upon.

Her: M'lor', y'do a wee lass 'ho 'as ne'errrrrrrrrr known 'ha touch o' a man' grrrrrrea' 'onor.

Him: He stares at her blankly hoping what she said was good and included an invitation to bed her in the next five minutes because he has to go to sleep in thirty minutes

Her: She bats her eyes at him artfully, hoping he notes the fact that they have changed colors to a brilliant and naughty emerald.

Him: Mayest un homme buyeth thou un boisson?

Her: Aye, y'ken.

Him: Smiling his manly winning smile, he strides over to the bar in two mighty steps to fetch a pair of glasses with bloodwyne just coincidentally waiting at the bar for him.

Her: She poses while he is away not wanting anyone in the room to forget that her blouse is falling off quite unbeknownst to her.

Him: He returns and hands her a glass.

Her: She takes it making sure to touch his hand while at the same time pretending it was him doing the touching.

Him: Cherie, thee art most winsome. Je t'aime toujour.

Her: Th' cannae b'trrrrue m'lor'. I be a wee virrrrrrgin 'ho coul' n'r 'ope t'be loved b' 'he likes o' y'.

Him: He blinks at her deciding she just gave him deflowering rights.

Her: Her luminescent eyes fill with tears while turning blue and she begins to cry hoping it will make everyone in the room pay attention to her and entice him to take her in a passionate embrace

Him: Unable to handle the idea of his fiance suddenly reduced to tears, he takes her up into his all powerful arms, checking the room quickly for his three other betrothed.

Her: She can feel her bountiful chest crushed to the bare part of his, body still trembling with the tears

Him: Sips his wyne

Her: Sips her wyne

Him: Ma coeur, thee art most beauteous. Tis a sin foreth such perfection to cry so.

Her: She lifts her tear stained face that suffered from no puffiness nor snot slime, coffee brown eyes filled with raw sensuality, lips parted invitingly.

Him: He presses his heated lips to hers to kiss her like she has never been kissed before, half because now he can take her to a PR and half because he is afraid she will open her mouth and say something else he won't get.

Her: Sips wyne

Him: Sips wyne

Her: She presses into his kiss, tongue tangling with his in a mystic, erotic dance

Him: He holds her tightly in his arms even still, checking out a really hot elf who just walked in

Her: Finally, she breaks the kiss, blushing terribly because she never does anything like this

Him: Bien sur, willest thee come to mah Castle to continue?

Her: 'ow darrrre y'tr't m'like som common slut 'ho onl' wan's t' 'ump like a couple o' rrrrrrrrrra'i's!

Him: He looks at her blandly, wondering if she caughted him staring at the elvish babe but trying to find a way to salvage the situation so he can still score

Her: She slaps him resoundedly on the face

Him: So, thee dost liketh it rough, non?

Her: (You are SUCH a Newbie!!!! Shots him with Ignore Ray)

Him: (What a Snert Slaps an ignore on her sagging middle aged butt)


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