Elmer Fudd and Costello

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It's a little-known fact that Lou Costello briefly teamed up with Elmer Fudd after he split with Bud Abbott. The partnership didn't last too long due to some unfortunate misunderstandings during their rehearsals, such as the following:

ELMER FUDD: I'll be wight back. I just need a short bweak.

COSTELLO: Okay. How long will you be.

ELMER FUDD: Not vewwy wong at all. I just need to take a weak.

COSTELLO: A week?! You expect me to wait that long? I can't wait a whole week!

ELMER FUDD: You misunderstood me, Costewwo. I'll be wight back in a wittle while.

COSTELLO: Oh, well that's better! Where are you goin'?

ELMER FUDD: I'm just going to take a weak.

COSTELLO: You just said you're only goin' to take a little while! Well, a week is not a little while! That's seven days!!!

ELMER FUDD: Who said anything about seven days?

COSTELLO: You just did, Elmer!

ELMER FUDD: I most certainwy did not. All I said was I'm going to take a vewwy short bweak. I pwomise you I will be wight back if you just wait wight here.

COSTELLO: I can wait right here for a minute. Even ten or twenty minutes. But not for a week!

ELMER FUDD: Who said anything about waiting a week? I just need to step out for a few minutes.

COSTELLO: A few minutes is fine. Just let me know where you'll be.

ELMER FUDD: Alwight. I'll be taking a weak.

COSTELLO: There you go again!!!!

And so the short-lived partnership of Fudd and Costello was ended. It lasted wess than a weak.


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