Enemy Ships

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There was a pirate ship that was led by a great captain called Jack Arrow. One day he hears a sailor say, captain enemy ship on the horizon. the captain says to the sailor bring me my red shirt. The sailor brings him his red shirt. The enemy ship arrives and they fight. No one dies from captain Jacks boat. The sailor stunned and curious asked the captain why he wanted a red shirt in the mist of battle. The captain said , because if i'm wounded no one will know and you will all keep fighting for me. Thats great says the sailor. The next day the sailor says, captain twenty enemy ships on the horizon. The captain with a pale face says sailor "BRING ME MY BROWN PANTS"


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by Rachel K. 1+ years ago

pretty cool

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by Matt G. 1+ years ago

tip: rule of 3s build up n do red shirt twice with more ships 2nd time then explain n then do the most ships n bring me my red shitr and brown pants!

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by DJ P. 1+ years ago

hmm...it was funnier when Bill Engval said it IMO

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by danielle p. 1+ years ago


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