Top Three Hobo Signs.

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Here are the three funniest signs i have seen or heard about hobos having.......

3rd Place-A hobo had a sign saying, "NEED MONEY," then, in bigger letters on the bottom of the sign, "MY WIFE IS OUT OF TAMPONS." He probably got money from woman..............

2nd Place-A man, who looked like he was in college, was wearing a silly fishing hat standing on a corner with a sign saying, "I don't want anything, I'm just bored," and smaller on the bottom of the sign, "God Bless." He must have gotton quite a bit of money, because he was standing on the corner with a smile on his face all day long.

1st Place-I saw this sign in a picture. The sign read, "BOOGIEMAN ATE MY FAMILY. Spare any change for new closet door?" I wonder if he got any money.......

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by Brittany H. 1+ years ago

I dont have the motivation or will power to look it up...but now i want to go hold a sign with the 2nd one on it... And then i'll go to the mall and switch it with one that says "FREE HUGS" and make alot of people smile. then security will throw me out..

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by Kristen C. 1+ years ago

3rd and 2nd place are real, but i'm not sure about 1st place because i found it on the internet. but the picture looks pretty real to me.

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CM4AB_Top Three Hobo Signs.

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