Three Bills in Heaven

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Three Bills all die at the exact same moment: Bill Clinton, Billy Graham, and Bill Gates.

They arrive at the Pearly Gates but since St. Peter is on vacation they are escorted directly into God's throne room, to be judged by God Himself.

God asks Bill Clinton what he believes and Clinton replies, "I believe in equality and justice for all the people of the world."

God says that's a very admirable belief and invites him to sit to his left.

God then asks Billy Graham what he believes and Graham replies, "I believe in the salvation promised in the Bible and in the saving grace of your son, Jesus Christ."

God says that's an even more admirable answer and invites him to sit to his right.

God then turns to Bill Gates and asks what he believes and Gates replies, "I believe you're sitting in my chair."


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CLBB_Three Bills in Heaven

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