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by gabe g. 1+ years ago

This pic would closer to funny if this were a blonde cheerleader, not some dueche straight out of a daytime bowling alley. As for all the PC Nazis, great insight...racism sucks! Hurray for you! Duh! It can still be funny-just not this time.

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by Abigail S. 1+ years ago

Racism sucks. But that isn't funny...

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by Gray B. 1+ years ago

i hate racism

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by Patrick Z. 1+ years ago

perception is reality. if i think everyone is against me, everyone will be against me. WAKE UP.

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by Julie J. 1+ years ago

I don't get it at all. Why would he run into the lightpole?

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by Desha W. 1+ years ago

okay gay-wad that is not funny

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