old couple sundae

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an elderly couple who were having memory problems went to a memory docter. the woman says "docter, we have been together for sixty years. now that we are older we are have problems. somedays we cant even remember each others names. the docter says "well after hearing about your problem i think i have a perfect solution. write everything down. the elderly man gets up and says" thats a load of crap. i dont have any memory problems. its just my wife. she draggeed me here." then the man storms out with his wife close behind.

when the couple get home, the wife askes her husband to get her an ice cream sundae. then the wife says "maybe you should write that down honey. the man says "no. no. i can remember. the wife warns him again. "honey, you should REALLY write it down. the man angrily snaps "i got it and storms into the kitchen.

45 minutes later the man comes out with a tray with pancakes and eggs and hands it to his wife. his wife looks at him with a strange look. the man says "whats wrong?" the wife replys "damnit bill, you forgot the bacon!


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

Is "doctor" really that hard to spell?

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CK3TR_old couple sundae

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