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You Go, Nadine!

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submitted: 1+ years ago

viewed: 14,086 times

categories: cartoons, comics, drawings men, women, relationships





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by Daniellia e. 1+ years ago

Wow, Eric P. who is going to take out time to measure that. The joke is not interrupted, just fucking come up with a name

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by Charles M. 1+ years ago

YES!!! Give them all heartattacks so that they will quit breathing my precious air and suckin' up my social security bucks.

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by Desha W. 1+ years ago

IT SAYS " you are one sick puppy, Nadine.. see? she is trying to give the old men heart attacks

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by Eric P. 1+ years ago

The logo obstructs part of the caption. This can be avoided by adding some about a quarter inch of white space beneath any pictures with captions or lettering.

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by Hattie D. 1+ years ago

WHAt does it say underneath?

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CK2IF_You Go, Nadine!

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