Ducks Foot

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One day three men died and went to heaven. They saw and angel and she said to them," Welcome. Do whatever you like but if you step on a ducks foot, I will strap the ugliest person of the opposite gender to your back forever!" So the men tried really hard not to step on a ducks foot. But one day one of the men stepped on a ducks foot and an really ugly woman got strapped to his back. So the next 2 men tried even harder not to step on a ducks foot. But a man stepped on a ducks foot. So a really ugly lady got sprapped to the man's back. So the last man shuffled his feet on the ground so he would step on anything. He didn't, but all of a sudden a really pretty girl got strapped to his back. He was really happy, and he asked her," What did I do to deserve this?" She seemed confused but she said," I don't know. Last thing I remember was stepping on a ducks foot."


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CK0DY_Ducks Foot

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