The Three Houses

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Once there was a dad and his virgin son. The son said "Dad I want some pussy." The dad said "Okay go down the next street and you'll see three white houses. Go to all of them except the third house." So the boy went to the first house and said "Can I have some pussy?" The lady said "No." So he went to the second house and said "Can I have some pussy?" The lady said "No." So he continued to the the third house he said can I have some pussy?" The lady said "Yes." So he got some pussy, then headed home. The dad said "So, son did you get some pussy?" The son replied "Yeah." "Which house did you go to?" the dad said. "I went to the third house." He said. "Didn't I tell you not to go to that house. That's my mom's house." The father said. The son replied "So.... you fuck my momma."


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CJY3V_The Three Houses

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