Irish limerick

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There was a young maid from Madras, she had a magificent ass. wasn't rounded and pink, as you probably think, it was gray, had long ears and ate grass.


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by Ashley W. 1+ years ago

omg! lol!!!!

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by Rebecca C. 1+ years ago

just cuz limericks were made in ireland it dosen't mean every one can be classified as irish. for instance this one can be classified as REALLY stupid

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by Amy M. 1+ years ago

LOL. nice irish limerick

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by Cary G. 1+ years ago

Here's one for you: Your limerick is dumber than dumb, you are probably a homless bum. You wasted my time, I'll kick your behind, and I see you are a great waste of cum!

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by Georgia R. 1+ years ago


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by Duke A. 1+ years ago

Ahahahaa, nice. ;D

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CJVFL_Irish limerick

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