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Pregnant Black Girl

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Q: how does a black girl know if she is pregnant A: When she takes out her tampon the cotton has been picked


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: ethnic, race, international insults men, women, relationships sex, sexuality other





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by Katie K. 1+ years ago

hahahahahahha great joke! Jokes aren't racist, morons,

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by King Funny 1+ years ago

lmfao.... guys this is a joke website... dont take everything up the ass..... (THE COTTON WAS PICKED LMFAO) you think i will get pissed after every beaner joke?......nope id probably laugh too

Reply to King Funny's comment
0 thumb down thumb up
by Abigail S. 1+ years ago

It might be racist,it might not.Depends on how you look at it.

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+4 thumb down thumb up
by Rebekah R. 1+ years ago

I hate it when white people hear a racist joke and have to look over to the nearest black person to see if they're laughing and if it's ok to laugh as well. go locate your black person, show him this, see your results.

Reply to Rebekah R.'s comment
+1 thumb down thumb up
by Destiny G. 1+ years ago

I agree

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+1 thumb down thumb up
by Kourtknee J. 1+ years ago

once again not even remotely funny

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by Mishel N. 1+ years ago

Wouldn't that depend on the persons point of view? I don't think a white person would be as offended as a black person by this.

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by John S. 1+ years ago

whatever Duke A. you know if you were watching some stand up comic that was black, and they told this same joke you would laugh your ass off. And if not then you are on the wrong website. It's all about having fun and being able to laugh at whatever life throws at you.

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+3 thumb down thumb up
by Duke A. 1+ years ago

Racist, and not even funny.

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CJURW_Pregnant Black Girl

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