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A young boy ask his pop,"what's da difference between reality & what's not reality?"" Have a seat son & i'll explain."He calls his mom & said "If a man walked up to you & offered you a million dollars to have sex with him would do it?" she replied "I wouldn't want to cheat on you BUT i 'think' we could get pass that" "Ok" So he calls his sister & ask the exact question she replied "I'm not a slut or anything BUT thats alot of money""Ok." calls his older bro & ask the exact question he replied damn pop i don't want to sound gay BUT no one has to know how i got that money.""OK" so he turn back to his son & says "you see the difference between realty & what's not reality , what's not reality is no one will ever walk up to you offering you a million dollars to have sex with you BUT what is realty is your mother & sister are both whores & your brother is a faggot!"


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