Kitchen Wars Episode 1

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Our brave toaster, Iron Popalot, has finished battling in the Peanut Butter Galaxy against Jiffy. Their counselor, Crunchy, has fallen under a new leader Creamy. Creamy is spreading across the kitchen, however, the Jelly Rebellion will not stand for this. The brave Iron Popalot, from the desolate Planet Kitchen Counter, is part of the rebellion. The rebellion takes stand on Planet Kitchen Counter.

Darth Tater and his thieving minions (the pickles) are assisting Creamy and his conquering of the Kitchen. They have taken strategic position on the Freezer System and are moving towards Kitchen Counter.


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by David k. 1+ years ago

i find it really hard to laugh at this particular joke.... how old are you dude? get a life....

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by Ha Ha Girl >_< .. 1+ years ago

funny lmao

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by Destiny Ann d. 1+ years ago

omg make another one! lmao

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CJJVP_Kitchen Wars Episode 1

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