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what do u call a faget and a wheelchair?


what do u call a faget that has diarrea?

a juicy fruit!

what do u call a wiener and a potato?

a dictater!

whooooooo! i made a funny =) lol


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+1 thumb down thumb up
by Abigail S. 1+ years ago

No,you wasted your time writing THAT.

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+7 thumb down thumb up
by katrina g. 1+ years ago

if you really do think this is funny I feel sorry for you.

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+8 thumb down thumb up
by Laura A. 1+ years ago

Can you please not post weird/stupid jokes. THese sort of jokes don't make people laugh, they just annoy most of us and make us complain.

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+8 thumb down thumb up
by a. l. 1+ years ago

hannah J, all of those "jokes" werent even funny and the fact that u cant spell worth shit makes them negative on the funnyness scale. take my advice and never ever try to type and/or write anything again until u read a fucking dictionary.

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+9 thumb down thumb up
by jess f. 1+ years ago

Not funny at all and really if you wish to insult "F@g0ts" at least spell it correctly otherwise you insult yourself.

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+9 thumb down thumb up
by Julie J. 1+ years ago

Actually, Hannah J, you DIDN'T make a funny.

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CJHIA_F@g0t J0k3s

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