Three guys and the genie

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theres three guys and a genie, and the first guy says,"im going to do something for my wife. she says that my dick to shprt, so i want it bigger. and the genie said you only have 2 wishes."

the next guy says that his dick is to hard. and that he wants it softer. the genie says ," You only get 2 wishes."

the third guy comes up and says, " screw my wife, i want my dick to be a boomerang." the genie says, "you only get 2 wishes."

the first guy goes up to the genie. the first guy says, " i want to change my dick back to the way it was." the genie says, "ok."

the next guy comes back and says, "he wants to change his dick back to the way it was."

the third guy comes back. the genie says," let me guess you want to change your dick back to the way it was?" And the guy the says, " FUCK no. check this out." the man moved his hips to the right, and hit a unsuspecting girl in the crotch.


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CJGIZ_Three guys and the genie

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