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A plane is decreasing speed rapidly > downward, the pilot comes over the intercom > and says 'I'm sorry it had to > come to this folks, but unfortunately we're gonna > have to let some of the > luggage go'...the plane continues to decrease speed. > Again you hear the pilot > over the intercom, I > hate to have to do this, but now > we're gonna have to start releasing > passengers by alphabet order beginning > with the letter‘A’!!!...AFRICANS, ANY AFRICANS?!?... No one > answers > 'B!!!' BLACK PEOPLE ANY BLACK PEOPLE?!? again, silence. > 'C!!!' > COLORED PEOPLE, ANY COLORED PEOPLE?!?...silence.. > A black boy in the back turns to his mother > and says 'but mom, aren't we African > American? aren't we black? Aren't we > colored?' the mother turns to her son > and says ' yes son, but today we > NIGGAS!!!...Mexicans go first. > > The little black boy turns to the little > Mexican kid sitting next to him and > laughs......!!! The Mexican kid laughs > back and says Today I'm a WETBACK...


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CJ9IL_sharing---- a,b,c order

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