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It was a sunny day and i was having my usual evening drive, when all of a sudden three african americans, walked out infront of my car. I didt have to time to break so i put the pedal to the metal. Hitiing all three of them. One of them smashed through my windscreen, the second, dented my bonet, and the third flew 20 yards down the road. A police officer nearby , witnessed the whole incodent. He was a very kind officer, he charged the first man with breraking an entering, the second with damging property, and the third with fleeing the scene.......


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by Laura A. 1+ years ago

it wasn't racist. But it really did show how people treat others.

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by Duke A. 1+ years ago

He's not being racist (and look he said "African Americans) he's just making fun of society who treats minorities unfairly.

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by sterling s. 1+ years ago

hese not being racist, hese showing how our society handles other races... i think it was pretty funny

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by jeania b. 1+ years ago

it was racist...but kinda funny....if u want more ratings u should delete da race....but really funny

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by Kourtknee J. 1+ years ago

This joke totally sucked was not funny at all ....ii never even smiled at this one

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