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All the parts of the body were having a meeting over who would be the boss.

The Brain said, "I should be the boss because I control everything."

The Legs stepped in and said, "We should be the boss, because were get the body everywhere."

The Eyes said, "We control the most important sense: sight. We should be the boss."

The body parts argued for a long time over who would be in control until the ass hole stepped in and applied for the job.

All the other body parts laughed and made jokes about the ass hole. The ass hole got so mad that he closed up.

For weeks he didn't open up and the other body parts started to slow down:

The Eyes went blind, the Legs stoppped running, and the Brain couldn't think straight.

Finally, they decided to let the ass hole be the boss

The moral of the story IS: you don't need to be a brain to be the boss, just be an Ass Hole.


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by Megan C. 1+ years ago

LOL!! HIlarious!!!!!

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by jeania b. 1+ years ago

i love dis joke...sorry no one voted on it

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