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about a week ago my mom was trying to tell my cousin something and she coulden't get the right word out. Instead she said something that ment the total opposite. My cousin and I figured out what she ment and corrected her on it. She is very stuborn and she came back at us with "I said that in my mind and thats good enough." So my cousin thinking fast came up with "Thats like having a gift given to you and telling the person 'Fuck you' and immediatly say after it 'In my mind I said thank you.'"

Tonight I was relaxing on the couch and I put my leg in the rocking chair that was next to it. I started to rock it and when that happens it scrapes against the table and my mom hates it. She told me "Stop that. If you were sitting in it I could understand but you're not so stop." and I Immediatly came back with "In my mind I'm sitting in it."


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