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my buds and i were chillen in the park and we have to wear uniform but anyways.....she said lets go i wanna chill in clothes. and i said NO WE ARE NAKED!!!!!

5 things not to say to an ugly person

1. look at that ugly person

2. i feel bad for yoooo.....ugly people

3. You are ugly

4. Guess who the ugliest person in the class/ office is....[enter their name]....j/k (cough, cough)

5. Did you put make up on or did ur parents run you over

5 things not to say to a mentally retarded person

1. UR retarted

2. She is retarted

3. This computer is retarted

4. Why are you ugly


5 things not to say to a bipolar person

1. Fuck you

2. u ugly

3. u gay

4. u retarted

5............. who the fuck cares i would never have a bipolar, ugly, or mentally retarted friend!!!


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by Ellie p. 1+ years ago

What the hell? Try reading a book, would you?

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by jeania b. 1+ years ago

Here, Here, I agree with Mishel and Rozee...that was low. IF you're going to cap on somebody you better know how to spell.

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by Mishel N. 1+ years ago

You make fun of retarded people, but you can't even spell retarded.

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by rozee b. 1+ years ago

This is horrible. Not only that but it has grammar and punctuation problems. No wonder you are shallow and feel that it's necessary to make fun of people that are most likely better people than you are. How the hell are you able to make fun of people who are "retarded" (as you put it), when you can' t even use simple punctuation?!

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