Political madness

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There me and my friends sat, it had been a enjoyable school day (no joke) and i was recalling the name of one of my favourite artists (Jimmy Hendrix), 'whats his name again, o god i forgot, um, you know, that black guy....' . i reflected upon what i said as i sat in my quickly given detention, i just couldnt see what was so racist about what i said! If i call a black person black, how is that an insult! What people have to understand is that there is a differnace between calling someone black and saying black people are bad. This kind of political correctness is strangling the new generation (me included). So called tollerance is backfiring into grosteque intolerance, not of racism, but anything a person 'regards' as racist, or discriminating in anyway. Personal opinion is being held over reason. Now some people may be thinking i am taking this over the top, and maybe i am, but i am alarmed about this so called political 'correctness' turning into something more like the situation of stalinist russia whare one is constantly in fear of being told on, and prosecuted by the authorities on trumped up charges. There was a boy who got a bad tan, he was orange, my friend thought it would be funny to come a compare his face to an orange he had. Next day he was in detentnion on charges of racism to some kind of 'orange race', along with 3 other people being held for exactly the same charges. Today i see detention, in the futre it could be prison cells if the ,madness doesnt stop. Ok i admit i absoloutly despise modern political correctness, but i believe every single reader would have experienced a similar situation plz comment, dont hold back.


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CIEAO_Political madness

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