Guy meets women at bar

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There once was a guy who meet a women in a bar. They hanged out and got drunk; the lady asks the guy if he would like to go back to her place and the guy said yes

So off they went once the door opened bam! they started to go at it. They reached the bed half way naked. The guy is doing it and there was a picture of a man on top of the bed and will there still in the action

The guy asks: 'who is that guy right there in the picture, is that your boyfriend?' She says: 'No'. 'Is that your brother?' She says: 'No'. 'Is that your dad?' She says 'No'. So the guys asks her: 'Well who is it?'

She says 'That's me before my surgery!!!!' lol


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by Nick M. 1+ years ago

OOOHH GOD DAMN that would suck.

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by Duke A. 1+ years ago

I'll add something to the previous comment: 4. This is a repeat.

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by Olivia P. 1+ years ago

1. Please use better grammar,2.Please don't put "lol" in your joke,3.Nice joke!

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CIDZM_Guy meets women at bar

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