The Confessional

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A married Irishman went into the confessional and said to his priest, 'I almost had an affair with another woman.'

The priest said, 'What do you mean, almost?' The Irishman said, 'Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped.'

The priest said, 'Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You're not to see that woman again. For your penance, say five Hail Mary's and put $50 in the poor box .'

The Irishman left the confessional, said his prayers, and then walked over to the poor box. He paused for a moment and then started to leave. The priest, who was watching, quickly ran over to him saying, 'I saw that.You didn't put any money in the poor box!'

The Irishman replied, 'Yeah, but I rubbed the $50 on the box, and according to you, that's the same as putting it in!'


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+1 thumb down thumb up
by George G. 1+ years ago

That's watcha get!

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by Dave M. 1+ years ago

hahaha another classic from the mind of moelicious

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+3 thumb down thumb up
by Lynn F. 1+ years ago

That was funny although i kinda saw that one coming. But, again, it was pretty funny.

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+6 thumb down thumb up
by Nicole T. 1+ years ago

thats some hood shit. GOTCHA BITCH!!

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+6 thumb down thumb up
by Greg S. 1+ years ago


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+7 thumb down thumb up
by mikayla j. 1+ years ago

haha lol rofl lmao!!!!! this joke rocks!

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+7 thumb down thumb up
by Duke A. 1+ years ago

Haha, great punchline!

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+5 thumb down thumb up
by Samantha A. 1+ years ago


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+5 thumb down thumb up
by Jawad J. 1+ years ago


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+5 thumb down thumb up
by Ashlee A. 1+ years ago

omg ! thatss classicc mann ! whoevahh madee thiss upp needss taa bee hostinn thee BET awardss ! hahhahahah

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+9 thumb down thumb up
by katie k. 1+ years ago

cush! (cracking up so hard!)

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