Throw the Book at Her

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My best freind, whom I have known half my life, did a despicable act: the whore read my diary. Considering my age, the way i reacted wasn't that bad, but now when I look back on my actions, I would guess that i was a bitch.

You see, I caught her with the book in her hands. She looked up from it to see me glaring at her. She started to freak out. She threw the book down and ran into the "safety" of the living room. (She though that since my mom was in there I would not do anything Wrong.)

I grabbed the book and stormed into the living room. She tried to hide behind the couch. Failed effort. I shouted her name. She looked up. With a swift motion, I threw the book with admirable force. It smacked her so hard in the head it left a lump, like on cartoons! She ended up leaving to go home crying.

Hours later when my mom finished telling me I did the right thing (she hates my friend; one time she tried to rape me in a closet). We went to Zesto's (a restaurant in Forrest Park, GA). On the way, our cell phone rang. it was my friend. She was calling to -get this- APOLOGIZE TO ME!!! FOR READING MY DIARY!


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by David H. 1+ years ago

This scares me because I live by her

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by rozee b. 1+ years ago

I agree. With both Dark Enchantment and Carley. These aren't even jokes and this is not a blog or a place to vent. Get off of this site. Nobody cares about your middle school drama. I (and I'm sure most other people) come here for jokes.

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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

TMI!!!! You should have known better. If someone does something like THAT, then why would you have them over again?

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by Carley S. 1+ years ago

yeah...i'm really sorry but go get a diary with a lock. these arent funny or jokes

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by Dark Enchantment 1+ years ago

Ok you're not posting jokes... I don't even know if they have a categorie for what you're posting. Take it to a forum, this is a joke website not some place to vent.

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CI89T_Throw the Book at Her

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