balloon family mayhem

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Every night baby balloon gets scared saying that the tree outside keeps on banging on his window and he says his bedroom is haunted, so every night baby balloon ends up in mummy and daddy balloons bed.

But this night daddy balloon takes baby balloon to one side an says to him "Right tonight i dont want you coming into mine and mummy balloons bed, no matter what happens, ghosts, banging, anything just dont, OK!!!". Baby balloon replies"Ok daddy i won't".

So it comes to the night and baby balloon, as he is falling asleep, the wind starts so the tree begins to bang against the window, next his wardrobe door starts to bang, so he slowly an carefully climbs out of bed and into mummy and daddy balloons bed.

He tries to squeeze in the middle but as there balloons it made a squeaking noise so he untied daddy balloon and let a bit of air out then tried to fit back in but there is still a bit of squeaking, so he unties mummy balloon and lets a bit of air out and then tries to fit back in but still, there is some squeaking, so he unties himself and lets a bit of air out and then ties himself back up, now its a perfect fit.

Next morning daddy balloon takes baby balloon aside and says to him"I'm not happy with you baby balloon, not only have you let me and your mum down but you have also let yourself down, TUT TUT TUT!!!"


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CI85P_balloon family mayhem

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