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A little boy called Jack is rioting with his Dad at a football match and they have to escape from the police in their car.

The Dad shouts "You bastard!" out of the window and when asked what it means by Jack he says "Policeman"

When they get home Jack walks into the kitchen where his Mum is cooking a chicken. "Fuck!" she shouts as she burns her hand. When asked what it means by Jack she says "Cook"

So Jack goes to see his father in the T.V room and his Dad is getting angry at the broken remote control. "Shit" he shouts. When asked what it means by Jack he says "Put"

Jacks getting a bit bored so he goes up to his room. On the way in he hears some music from his sisters room. His sister is eating cookies and listening to music. She drops some cookies on the floor. "Bollocks" she exclaims. When asked what it means by Jack she says "Cookies"

At that moment he hears a knock on the door. Everyone was busy so Jack went to answer it. At the door sotod the policeman who had arrived to arrest the Dad for rioting.

But Jack wanted to impress him with his new words:

"Hello, you bastard. Everybody's busy at the moment. Mum's fucking the chicken, Dad's trying to shit on the T.V and my sister's eating the bollocks she made this morning!"


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by Water P. 1+ years ago

XD this is so funny!

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by Bobby K. 1+ years ago

This is hilarious!

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by Jamie L. 1+ years ago

wats a bollock? never heard of it

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by Alexandra C. 1+ years ago

hahaha still laughing! LMAO!

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