Snake in the garden

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There was this little girl. It was her birhtday.So she asked her mother,"Mommy scince it is my birthday can I do what ever I want.If so can I take a shower with you?".The mother thought and said,"Fine as long as you do not look up or down."The mother and daughter got in the shower.The little looked up and asked"mommy what are thoose 2 big things you have on your chest?"The mother said,"Thoose are my headlights.""Mommy what is that hair down under?""That is my garden."replied the the daughter and mother got out of the shower. The little girl asked her daddy,"Daddy since it is my birthday can I take a shower with you?"The said,"Fine as long as you do not look down."So they got in the shower.The little girl looked down and asked,"Daddy what is that?"And he said"that is my snake."so they got out. Now the little girl asked both her parents and said,"Mommy,Daddy since it is my birthday can I sleep with you?"so the couple said,"Sure as long as you do not look under the covers."So the 3 of them got in bed.And of corse the little girl looked under the coversand said,"Mommy turn your haedlights on there is a snake in your garden!"


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by kitkat d. 03/29/08 12:43 PM

I heard u giggleing

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CHY4U_Snake in the garden

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