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Here's 2 quickies that actually happened at my school. Not that funny, but hey, my school got a kick outta them.

OK, here's the first one.

I have a friend, Brandon, who is, we believe legally, insane. Once during his history class, he got bored and stood up in the finger-pointing disco-pose and screamed "This. Is. SPARTA!" So the teacher, understandably annoyed, pointed to the doorway and said "That. Is. The door." So Brandon walked out the door, making sure to leave it open, then struck the disco-pose again and declared "This. Is. THE HALLWAY!"

It's a wonder he's still in school.

Here's the second one.

In my French class, we had to make masks for Mardi Gras, but with the theme The Ocean. The next day after school at French Club, everyone got to walk around with their masks like a little fashion show and some of the older years would choose the winner for different categories. The teacher, Madame, would call the person's name and what their mask looked like as they walked in front of the judges. Ex. "Kelly has a whale. Chris has a bird." One boy, let's call him Dylan, had a crab-shaped mask, so when he walked by, Madame could not resist. "And Dylan has crabs."


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by katie f. 1+ years ago

ROTFLMAO i wish i went to your school!

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by Williw J. 1+ years ago

LMAO this was funny. LOL!!

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