The Ex-con and the genie

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A woman recently found out that her husband was an ex- criminal who had done some pretty nasty things, just as the woman was thinking about how she would get back at him a genie appeared and promised her one wish, she thought for a while and then said, I wish that anything my husband lies about, the opposite will come true.... Later that day the husband was driving to work when she called him on the phone and said "honey have you ever stolen a car before" of course not.. he answered, sure enough a man with a gun came up and jacked his car, "Holy shit" said the man hold on said the man I gotta get the police on the other phone, while still maintaining a conversation with his wife he got the police on the phone "Honey" she said "These men havent ever arrested you before have they." she asked "Of course not" he said sure enough the police show up and handcuff him.... On his one phone call from jail he called his wife and told her the situation

Thats terrible she said, "Honey you've never had sex with anyone I wouldn't want you to have you?"


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by Joey J. 03/07/08 09:31 AM

I made this up all by myself :)

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CHPVT_The Ex-con and the genie

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