Lazy Frog

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Okay! You have to picture it.

It's a hot summer's day & there's a frog sitting on a lilypad in the middle of a pond. He sees a fly buzzing around his head but it's about 6" to high for him to stick out his tongue & get it. It's hot, he's lazy, he doesn't want to jump for it, so he starts thinking "How can I get that fly to drop about 6"so I can have a nice little snack?"

Meanwhile, a bird lands in a tree up above,he sees what's going on & thinks to himself, "I bet if I can get that fly to drop about 6", the frog will stick out his tongue to get it & he'll be distracted just long enough so that I could swoop down, get the frog & have myself a good little meal."

While he's contemplating that, A cat walks along the side of the pond. You know how slick cats are, eh? So the cat pegs it off & starts thinking "I'll bet that if I can get that fly to drop about 6", the frog will stick out his tongue to get it, the bird will swoop down to get the frog,then I can jump in & get them both & have a great meal."

Then, all of a sudden, the fly drops 6", the bird swoops down to get the frog, the cat jumps in....misses them both....lands in the water!

Moral of the story...........A fly drops 6" and a pussy gets wet.


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by Destiny Ann d. 1+ years ago

um gayish but cute

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CHPRP_Lazy Frog

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