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A mother had triplets (all girls) and their 18th birthday was coming up soon. She had always prided herself on persuding them to remain celibate until marriage but she was anxious to have grandkids.

She decided that on their 18th birthday, she was going to throw a private party for them. She picked three guys to come over and paid them to have sex with her daughters. She rented 3 hotel rooms and put each daughter in a room with a guy and told them not to come out until they lost their virginity.

After a few minutes she leaned in on the first daughter's room and heard her laughing. She went over to the second daughter's room and heard her screaming. She went to the third daughter's room and realized that she was silent.

Finally all three girls came out and the guys left. The mother went to the first daughter and asked her why she had been laughing and she answered "Because it tickled."

She went to the second daughter and asked her why she had been screaming and she replied "Because it hurt."

She went to the third daughter and asked her why she didn't say anything at all and she said "Mama, you always told me not to talk with my mouth full."


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