when not to generalize

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by gabe g. 1+ years ago

For those of you having difficulty with the bilingual joke...My spanish is rusty, but maybe 'take out the trash every day' and 'it hasn't been taken out this week'...I think the english response indicates that the cleaners do in fact speak spanish (otherwise they wouldn't give an excuse for not removing it).

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by Dylan M. 1+ years ago

He's asking the cleaning crew (or the equivalent) to take out the trash, surnote that it hadn't been taken out that week. And that's just ignorant, it wouldn't take that much to figure out what he/she was asking.

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by Jojo R. 1+ years ago

i don't understand the humor value of this picture.

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by fds d. 1+ years ago

OH SHOOT! hahahaah thats funny!

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CHJBT_when not to generalize

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