The Big Your so stupid pack

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Your so stupid that........

*You threw a rock at the ground and missed

*You tried to kill a porrcupine by sitting on it

*You asked your dad how it feels to be pregnant

*When you looked in the mirror u said mama mama theres a robber in the house

*ur so stupid that you tried to drown a fish

*you are so stupid that you tried to burn a icecube

*your so stupid you dont know the # to 911

*your so stupid when you blink you get lost

*your so stupid you sit on the tv and watch the couch

*ur so stupied u climbed over a glass wall just to see the other side

*Your so stupid u sold your car for gas money

*your so stupid u got ran over by a parked car!

*your so stupid you thougt a blowjob was a real job.

*Your so stupid you thought masturbating means your good and catching fish

*your so stupid when you heard about the superbowl you brought a spoon

*your so stupid u cudnt pass a bloodtest

*ur so stupid u drowned in an empty swimming pool

*Ur so stupid you tripped over a cordless fone

*YouÂ’re so stupid, you got caught drunk-driving at the bumper cars

*Your so Stupid that you bought a puzzle, thought it waz broken, and bought it Back

*Your so stupid you went in a antique store and you said whats new

*ur so stupid, you used a calculator to cheat on ur english test

*ur so stupid u put a quarter in a parking meter and u waited 4 a gumball


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CH3BW_The Big Your so stupid pack

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