"Where you from?"

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Old Mr. John was retiring. At his retirement party, he was given a duck hunting liscense for every state in the country. A few weeks after his retirement, he decided to go hunting. He had a few ducks from a few different states in a bag when the game warden stopped him. "Let's see what's in the bag," he said. Mr. John opened it. The warden pulled out the first duck. He stuck his finger up its butt, pulled it out, tasted it, and said, "I think this here's a Georgia duck." "It is sir," replied Mr. John. "Do you have a Georgia license?" "Yes sir." He pulled out his license and showed him. The warden took the next duck. He repeated the same procedure. "I think this here's a Tennessee duck." "Yes sir." "Got a Tennessee license?" "Right here,sir." "He repeated the procedure yet again. "This an Alabama duck?" "Sure is." "License?" "Right here." "You sure do have a lot of licenses. Where you from?" He dropped his pants and said, "I don't know. You tell me."


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by Kelsey S. 12/10/07 06:10 PM

I think some people are dumb enough to do this! =)

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by L L. 1+ years ago

i don't get it

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by maddy p. 1+ years ago

OMG! 4 reel has as an a in it!

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by Alexandra C. 1+ years ago

OMG! 4 reel!

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CH1CV_"Where you from?"

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