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Little Johnny was in kindergarten class one day when the teacher was going over the alphabet. Now little Johnny had a reputation as being very "colorful" with his teacher. So when she asked the class if anyone could think of a word starting with the letter "A" and Johnny raised his hand.....she did not want to call on him. "Jenny? what word starts with "A"? "Apple", replied Jenny. "What word can you think of that starts with the letter B boys and girls?" Again Johnny's hand shot up while being punctuated with oooh oooh oooh's. She was certainly not going to call on Johnny for fear of yet another bad word. "Bobby, what word starts with B? "Baseball", replied Bobby.

As she went through letter by letter Johnny became more visibly distraught. When the teacher asked for what word starts with the letter "R", Johnny raised his hand again. The teacher thought and thought but could not think of a potentially bad word that starts with R so she said, "Well Johnny, what word starts with R?" "Rat", replied Johnny, "A great big FUCKING Rat"


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