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It was September 19 and it was cody's birthday he was turning 7 and he wanted to sleep with his parents in their bed together. And this is how it happened. First he asked his mommy if he could take a shower with her she said no but cody said" but mommy it's my birthday" then she said okay but don't look down or up. Cody looked up and asked his mommy what they are she said they are light bulbs then cody looked down and asked his mom what they are she said it was a garage. Then after the shower he asked his daddy if he could take a shower with him.He said no but then cody said" but daddy it's my birthday' then he said okay but dont look down. cody looked down and ask his dad what it was he said it was a limo.Then that night cody asked his parents if he could sleep with them they said no but then cody said its my birthday then they said okay but just dont look under the covers. He looked under the covers and said "mommy turn on the light bulbs the limo is going into the garage"!!


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