Evil Remix

My little remix edition of "All Women Are Evil".

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arrowBoys=stupid x money.


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Submitter's Comments

by Paige B. 11/10/07 08:07 PM

OMG, this coming from somebody who has five brothers, not surprising, is it?

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by David H. 1+ years ago

Funny in the fact it's a fail

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by Pushkin R. 1+ years ago

I'm not prejudice about sex, but this is just #$*^&%)^$%*^(

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by Jojo R. 1+ years ago

Comeback fail.

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by chad b. 1+ years ago

this is the saddest attempt at a comeback i've ever seen

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by ryan m. 1+ years ago

money divided by money would be 1. Anything divided by itself is 1 (aside from zero). Therefore, the square root of 1 squared is still one. Therefore, Boys = 1. That's what you just said. Silly girls....

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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

Alright I'm a female and even I'm appalled by this! geez, how dumb!

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by r. m. 1+ years ago

eahh yeah it would be good if girls could actually do maths and make up their own equations about boys however they arnt and so they have to try and use ours and they fail........ hate that

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by Kara M. 1+ years ago

um, well, u forgot something at the very top of the picture lol!

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by like a r. 1+ years ago

doesn't even make sense, stupid.....

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