Mothers are smart

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Tommy's mother came to visit him one day. They were a very religious family and did not believe in premarital sex. He took his mom out to dinner, and decided to bring his roommate Stephanie along too. His mother noticed that Stephanie was very attractive, and that Tommy kept staring at her. As soon as Stephanie went to the bathroom, Tommy's mom asked him, "are you sleeping with Stephanie?" Tommy, of course, said no. His mom left on the next day, and soon Tommy noticed that he was missing his favorite coffee mug. He wrote a letter to his mom: Dear Mom, I have been looking for my favorite coffee mug since you left. We looked all over the apartment and just can't find it. I know I had it when you visited. I'm not saying you took it, I'm not saying you didn't take it, I'm saying if you didn't take it we would have found it by now. Love, Tommy

The next day he got a letter from his mother:

Dear Tommy, I am sorry to hear your favorite coffee mug is missing. Are you sure that you aren't sleeping with stephanie? I'm not saying you are, I'm not saying you aren't, I'm saying that if she were sleeping in her own bed you would have found it by now. Love, Mom


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by John S. 10/26/07 12:47 AM

that sux @$$

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