Kid's drawing of a pair of scissors

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arrowWell, of course they’re scissors, and it's pretty, too, anyone else who says something else is a pervert!


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by Z. J. 1+ years ago

My question is what was the erased picture before that. It looks like a thick, short penis in a hot dog bun!

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by Ryan S. 1+ years ago

yup.. scissors.. just scissors.. nothing more.. definantly not a male sexual organ.. nope..

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by Cassie N. 1+ years ago

I think they kind of look like headphones.

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by Kristen P. 1+ years ago

I see a penis.

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by Sheila J. 1+ years ago

ofcourse those are scissors, what eles would they be? :)

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CGMLF_Kid's drawing of a pair of scissors

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