Lamont and Leroy

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Lamont and Leroy won a trip to the popes house and so when they get there they walk around the place before they go to popes house and so they see stores and stuff then when it come time to see the pope the gate open a real big gate so as they walk in they see a mile of grass real geen and then Lamont tells Leroy " i am hungry " so they go to the store and buy some 40's a bbq pit and some chicken ok now they are back at the green grass in the popes house and they start bbqing and then Leroy is telling Lamont that he had to pee and Lamont told him that he will watch his food and 40 so he goes and starts to pee and a limo comes in the the gate and stops where Lamont is at and then the back limo door open and the pope comes out and blesses him and Leroy hurry ups and tells Lamont that he saw the pope blessed you i am going to tell all the homies in the hood and Lamont told him no it was not even like that the Leroy tells Lamont yeah i saw the pope bless you Lamont said that no it was not like that he told me you the negro in the bushes and the bbq pit leave. lol i dont mean to be racist


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CGLIB_Lamont and Leroy

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