the nun,the bus driver and jesus

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a man goes inside a bus and sees a beutiful nun sitting in front of him he couldnt resist not staring at her,soon her stop comes and she leaves and he still thinking about her,so he goes to the bus driver and asks about her.

the bus driver tells him she is from the local catholic the guy says damn man i would to have sex with her.

so the bus driver tells him that every night she goes to that church and prays and he told him to dress up like jesus and tell her that if she dosent have sex with him she would die..

so the man thinks its a brilliant idea and that night he goes hide at that churh dressed as jesus then finally the nun comes and he appears and tells her i am jesus and you better have sex with me or you would die!!

the nun immediatly accepts and has sex with him in the church for 3 whole hours as soon as they are done the man takes of his jesus suit and says surprise i am not jesus im the guy from the bus!!

and with that the nun takes off her suit and says surprise im not really the nun im the bus driver!!!


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CG61H_the nun,the bus driver and jesus

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