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An Italian, a Frenchman, and a Colombian all died and met each other in heaven. They were all decent people, so God told them that they could all get a second chance to live again, under one condition: If they did the thing that they liked to do the most, they would instantly be brought back to heaven. The guys all thought that it was a sweet deal and accepted and thanked God.

When they got back to Earth, they talked and they found out what each other's favorite thing to do was. The Italian loved to eat pizza, the Frenchman loved to touch money, and the Colombian loved to have sex.

As they continued talking, the Italian saw a pizzeria right in front of them. He couldn't resist himself and he ran, grabbed a slice of pizza, bit into it and *poof* he disappeared. The Frenchman and the Colombian didn't worry much about it and they just started walking down the street together.

The French saw something shiny on the ground and realized that it was a coin. He quickly bent down to grab it and *poof* the Colombian disappeared.


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