the frozen skunk

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A man and his wife were driving home one very cold night when the wife asks her husband to stop the car. There was a baby skunk lying at the side of the road, and she got out to see if it was still alive. It was, and she said to her husband, "It's nearly frozen to death. Can we take it with us, get it warm, and let it go in the morning?"

He says, "O.K., Get in the car with it."

"Where shall I put it to get it warm?"

He says, "Put it in between your legs. It's nice and warm there.

"But what about the smell?"

"Just hold its nose."

The man is expected to recover, but the skunk she used to beat him with died at the scene.


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lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol rotfl rotfl rotfl rotflrotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl hahahahahahahahahahah!~!

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by :) :. 1+ years ago


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CFZPV_the frozen skunk

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