The New Age Poop List: Y:2K7

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This the the poop list revised to the year of 2007. If there are some you've seen before, then don't throw a fit, just have fun with it! Okay, here we go:

1. Steamer: It's basically self-explanatory. It smokin'! Especially if you are pooping in the woods in the winter.

2. The Snake: It's so long, it looks like a snake.

3. Rocket Poop: It comes out so fast, you lift from your seat.

4. Presidential Poop: While you are pooping, you fart out "Hail to the Chief."

5. Descision Time Poop: When you are pooping for a long time, you have to decide whether you are going to let it reach your butt cheeks or flush and then keep going.

6. The Recurring Poop: Where you have to poop every five minutes and then you think it's finally over. And when you don't expect it...BAMM!!

7. The Bomb: After you poop (it's a very big poop), you think your septic tank is going to explode.

8. The Stink Bomb: You poop, the septic tank doesn't explode, but someone goes in and passes out.

Well, that's all I got. Hope ya like it!


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CFUTU_The New Age Poop List: Y:2K7

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