Three Mexicans

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There were three mexicans.They wanted to buy a trailor so they went to a trailor park.The owner of the trailor said he would only sell them trailor if they learned some english. So they went to learn some english.

The first mexican went to a singing place and all he learned to say was mee-mee-mee-mee. The second mexican went to a resturant and all he learned to say was forks and knives. The third mexican went to wal-mart and all he learned to say was plug-it-in-plug-it-in.

When they went back to the trailor park they saw the owner was dead.They saw a cop that asked them who killed the man. The first mexican said mee-mee-mee-mee.The cop said,"you did,what did you do it with." The second mexican said forks and knives. Then the cop said,"i should send you to the eletric chair for this."

Then the third mexican said,"plug-it-in-plug-it-in.


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CFNBV_Three Mexicans

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