What lemonade is really made of.

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once there was a boy named litte johnny please and thank you. {that was his 1st name} he always drank lemonade. in fact, he drank so much lemonade he always went pee.everybody laughed at him. when he grew up, he changed lemonade. he made a machine called the pee lemonade 2000.when he tested it, he put a small glass cup under it.{he put it under where the pee comes out.} he pulled a lever. the pee came out into the glass cup."sucess!!!"said litle johnny. "now,everybody will NEVER laugh at me again!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he started building a shop where he sells lemonade. wait, not lemonade, pee. when someone went home, they went pee if they drank it. now he thout of something else 2 go with it. CHOCLATE MADE OF POO!!! it always happend with the lemonade thing. if they ate it, when they get home, the go poop. then, some one said "THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!! HE'S GOING DOWN!!!!!!" he called the police. next thing little jonny knows he's geting hit with a club from a police.he wakes up in jail. some guy comes over and beats little johhny up. the guy said " I HEAR U MAKE MY WIFE GO 2 THE BATHROOM ALL THE TIME!!!!" The End. tune in next time for the polite way 2 go wee-wee. submitted by alex blue please make a good rating!!


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CFMSL_What lemonade is really made of.

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